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Can muscle tissue be nevertheless preserved right after steroid?
Can muscle tissue be nevertheless preserved right after steroid?

Can muscles be still maintained after steroid?


Before answering this question in detail, you need to understand that it depends upon the amount of steroids and types of steroids you have been using. For people whose intake does not exceed 750 mg per week, it is relatively easier than for the people who take more than one grams per week. Why? Well, there are several reasons for it. When you start using steroids regularly, people will tell you that it will not matter as much to your body if you use them sparingly and take a break after using it for few days. People call it “steroid cycle” popularly now a day.


What happen is that, you are getting only half the picture. Yes, you can do well, if you do a steroid cycle, then take a break and continue later, but the problem is, there are other factors that you have to consider in your calculations. Getting back to original question, no, you cannot maintain them at the same level as when you are actually using the steroids. Does it mean that there is no point in using steroids? Again the answer is no. You have to understand that when you stop using steroids, you are going to lose some muscle mass. It is like trying to push something uphill. Each time you stop, it is likely that it is going to slide back a bit. Trick is to keep it moving in the right direction.


You just have to ensure that you do not start from scratch or from an even worse position than before, when you start your next steroid cycle. What essentially happens in your body is that you have glands, which produce hormones. These hormones help your body in building up. When you take these steroids, this action of your body is simulated chemically. In other words, you are replacing the long slow process of building these muscles by increasing the rate of chemical reactions precipitated by the introduction of these external chemical substances. Problem is that there are two kinds of muscles in your body. Ones that you build to show off like your biceps, triceps and others. Others are the ligaments and other parts of your anatomy that allow you to lift all those heavy weights that you use to make your body beautiful.


While, you increase the muscle mass of your body with the use of steroids, strength of these support parts do not increase proportionally. It means that when you cut down on the steroids, you should also cut down on the intensity and duration of your exercise. Otherwise, you can sustain injury to one of these soft parts. That is also the reason experts advise that you should not stop using all the steroids suddenly. You should phase out of your, “steroid cycle” slowly. Stopping one substance at a time, you should also follow a strict diet and exercise routine during this time. By taking these measures, you can keep most of the muscle mass you accumulated during your “steroid cycle”.

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